Speakers who make it REAL

The REAL Foundation finds people who are strong in their faith, and who wish to inspire others. These musicians, comedians, or public speakers host events at the various Catholic schools and parishes, to inspire our youth, and to share their passion for Catholicism.

Over the past couple of years, REAL has bee able to bring a handful of extraordinary people and groups, and have them present at our local schools. All speakers have received raved reviews, and left a deep impact on all of the kids

Whether you are in elementary, Jr. High, high school, or a parent or staff member, we ensure that you will find entertainment, knowledge, and inspiration from these speakers. 

Engage yourself in your Catholic community! Come be a part of these memorable events, and see the Work of God shine through your children, and continued in their lives.


***Recent and upcoming speakers/events will be posted to the site.