(Two By Two Ministries)

The mission of 2 by 2 Ministries is:

• To make a positive difference in the lives of young and old in and out of the Church; to affirm and inspire, encourage and empower, motivate and challenge each other to live in Christ; where charity, compassion, forgiveness, hospitality and defending the dignity of all persons AND the care of all of creation, trumps everything.

• To admit our mistakes and ask forgiveness when we’ve made them; to make an amends where necessary and unnecessary, and to ask those who’ve we’ve harmed, if we have heard them and made a satisfactory amends.

• To live in the joy of Christ by serving others, sharing our gifts, and being a healthy, holy and loving presence in the world, wherever we are.

Steve Angrisano and Jesse Manibusan

Steve Angrisano and Jesse Manibusan

Jesse and Jodi Manibusan: COMING SOON....

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